‘Speak Local’ at Critical Path

‘Speak Local’ was a unique showcase of ten NSW artists at Critical Path co-curated by Margie Medlin and myself. The program was a mix of culturally diverse contemporary performances by Alan Schacher & WeiZen Ho, Annalouise Paul, Paschal Berry, Aruna Gandhi & Anisha Thomas, Thomas E. Kelly, Raghav Nye, Anna Kuroda and Liz Lea.

Following we had a round circle discussion with our audience where about 40 people talked in depth about contemporary-cultural dance in the current arts landscape.

Photographs by Heidrun Lohr. Sunday 15 November 2015

CP Speak local-375





CP Speak local-383






CP Speak local-782

Asian Dance in Singapore 2015

It was such a fantastic time with Maya Dance Theatre in Singapore and two independent dancers and musician joined us as well. What a great team! Their spirit for exploration and adventure was an inspiration. We explored Dance DNA processes and ideas specifically relating to Asian Body Culture.

Many thanks to ARTS NSW for their support of this artistic exchange and to also prenset a paper at World Dance Alliance 2015 Asia-Pacific Dance Bridge in Singapore also.

IMG_5394 with Maya Dance Theatre






Backstage with Akram Khan and World Dance Alliance colleagues at ‘Torobaka’.