Whatever It Takes!

I had a great time yesterday as a panelist at the audition skills workshop Whatever It Takes!  There was some fantastic Sydney talent that showed up and presented dance, acting, music and songs.

Cultural Performing Arts Network (CPAN) is based in Western Sydney and for artists from all culturally diverse backgrounds and art form practices. There was some great talent and I really look forward to working with some of them! Thanks CPAN!

CPAN interviewed me about a year ago its so  nice to return the promotion ~ here’s the interview on my blog

Annalouise CPAN A5 (EMAIL)

Beyond hybridity: current Australia/Asia-Pacific dance practices

National Dance Forum  15-17 March 2013  Melbourne

If you’re heading down to Melbourne in March I’ll be speaking on the Beyond hybridity: current Australia/Asia-Pacific dance practices panel on Saturday 16 from 1.45- 3.15pm along with dance artists Tony Yap, Julia Mageau Gray and Ade Suharto, chaired by Assoc. Prof. Cheryl Stock.

Should be a very interesting discussion with all artists currently working in Asia Pacific and the expertise of Prof. Cheryl Stock in this area of intercultural dance practice. Here’s the link for more info