‘EAST MEETS WEST HERE’ Deccan Chronicle Bangalore

EAST MEETS WEST HERE  Deccan Chronicle Bangalore

September 25, 2012

by Ayesha Tabassum

My production is connected with India at various levels. But when I look at Bengaluru – the discerning audience’s verdict is more important to me. As a performer to get critical acclaim in this city means more than just a performance”, says dancer Annalouise Paul.

Tabla exponent, Bobby Singh known for winning the Aria award is collaborating with Australian based performer, Annalouise Paul.   Quoted from article below. Read full interview. 



Contemporary Dance Interface  by Leela Venkataraman

The evening at Habitat began with “Game On” by Theatre of Rhythm and Dance from Australia, the tabla and Western Contemporary Dance pushing art boundaries in an interaction — alternately performing till rapport is built with the two coming together. The “Dha dhin dhin na ….ta tin tin ta …Dha dhin dhin na” rhythmic cycle, without the foot stomping dancer, found a rhythmic togetherness — even as hands and sometimes feet traced a silent rhythm-in-the-air route. One felt a less simplistic and more adventurous interaction could have been worked out showing rhythm transcending cultural boundaries.

Kolkata’s Sapphire Creations in its annual Interface festival has been sponsoring cross-national and cultural Contemporary Dance collaborations.

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Photo by Ravi Shankar


‘VISUAL TREAT’ The Statesman

Visual Treat by Shoma A Chatterji

6 October 2012

Shoma A Chatterji experiences exquisite choreography and performances at Interface 2012

Theatre of Rhythm and Dance from Australia presented a beautiful piece called Game On choreographed by Annalouise Paul. It is about the meeting of an Indian musician and an Australian dancer on a performing stage. The friendship takes a tumble when the competitive mood steps in to seduce the audience more towards a confrontation of philosophies involving the East versus the West, or, music pitted against dance and winning at any cost overshadows the rules of the game. Bobby Singh and Miranda Wheen coloured their performance not only with skill but also with wonderful touches with humour.

Sapphire Creations, founded by noted contemporary dancer, choreographer and trainer Sudarshan Chakraborty is one of eastern India’s best experimental dance companies. It recently organized an international festival under the acronym Interface 2012 in Kolkata. Interface stands for International Festival of Alternative and Contemporary Expressions. The performance venues were spread out across several centres and platforms. The festival included dance workshops conducted by international experts. This culminated in exquisitely choreographed and conceived performances in the evenings.


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Photo by Ravi Shankar